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  • Importing boats from USA to Australia made easy! We can handle all types of boats - power boats, sailboats, oversized yachts, ski boats, catamarans and jet skis
  • Various over-sized yachts shipped via ro-ro service from USA to Australia. Our company handled every aspect of the shipping process, from negotiation and pickup to shrink-wrapping, cradle construction and overseas transport!
  • We've perfected the containerized boat shipping method to Australia! We can pack boats up to 8'6" wide in a 40' high cube container. Our customers save thousands with this option!
  • Oversized yacht transportation services: yacht pickup, delivery, shrink-wrap, cradle, export paperwork and shipping.
  • For cerftain size boats, flat rack method is the most cost effective solution. Please, contact us with the details of your boat for the complete evaluation and shipping estimate.

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Make sure to familiarize yourself with import regulations and paperwork requirements for boats from USA prior to purchasing.

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Boat shipping and yacht transport services from USA to Australia

Our company specializes in providing shipping services for boats and yachts from USA to Australia. We are capable of shipping boats of all sizes, from dinghies to yachts – no job is too big or too small!  We have knowledge and expertise to facilitate every type of boat shipment: containerized boat shipping, roll on / roll off boat shipping; transporting boats from USA to Australia on flatracks; boat shipping via load on / load off orfloat on / float off service. We know how to reduce boat shipping costs, and transport boat of any size from USA to Australia, or anywhere in the world, in the most cost effective manner, safely and within specified time frame.

Shipping boats from USA to Australia in standard ocean containers

Over the years of shipping boats of all types and sizes we have developed a unique boat loading procedure that is very safe, effective and, most importantly, damage proof. It allows us to efficiently pack in standard ocean containers boats up to 28 foot long, 8’6” wide, whether on trailer or not. Your boat will rest on a custom built cradle, properly secured and strapped inside the container. Prior to loading the boat we would drain all fluids, remove batteries, outboards, tops, etc and safely pack them inside the container along with boats. We can even arrange pressure washing and cleaning, to avoid quarantine and penalties in Australia.

Transporting yachts to Australia from USA on flat rack containers

Shipping boats on flat racks (flatracks) is another availalbe transportation option when importing boats from USA to Australia. Essentially, flat racks are open top, open side container units allowing to accommodate oversized (out-of-gauge) cargoes, such as boats, yachts, etc. Flat racks come in two sizes – 20 and 40 feet; some of them are fixed, some have collapsible ends.

Forklift pockets are provided on some 20' flat rack containers, while gooseneck tunnels can be found at both ends of a 40' flatrack. Flat rack containers can also be supplied with lashing winches with lashing belts of 2 metric tons and, depending on the type of cargo, stanchions may also be provided.

Shipping boats via roll on-roll off (RO-RO) service from USA to Australia

Roll on-roll off boat shipping is one of the most common methods available for transporting boats from USA to Australia. As the name implies, boats are “rolled on” and “off” the vessels on their own trailers, or mafi trailers (mafis are used if a boat doesn’t have own trailer). They are stowed under the vessels decks along with other “rolling” or self-propelled cargoes, such as trailers, motorhomes, vehicles etc.

Roll on – roll off service (RO-RO) is available to the following ports in Australia:

Melbourne VIC, Port Kembla NSW, Adelaide SA, Darwin NT, Brisbane QLD, Fremantle WA

Boat preparation & customs regulations in Australia for boat importation from USA

Boat preparation cleaning for import from USA to Australia

Prior to importing the boat from America (or any country, at this point) to Australia, or even making the purchasing decision, please make to familiarize yourself with the customs regulations and paperwork requirements in Australia for boats originating from USA. Although the importing process is simple and rather straight-forward, there are certain steps that need to be taken and certain documents that need to be secured before beginning the importation process of your boat. Please, read the below guidelines that will help you to secure the necessary paperwork and prepare for shipping*:

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